Direct flights helping the “stars align” for Southland

Close to six months since the first direct flight connecting Southland with Auckland landed, the “stars continue to align” for the region as it reaps the benefits from the flight. Continue reading “Direct flights helping the “stars align” for Southland”

Facing off against the big sports

Ten players, five on each team, speed around a sheet of ice, travelling at speeds of upwards of 32 km/h. Their goal is to chase after a small black disc of rubber and slot it into a net using nothing more than a stick, skill and smarts. Continue reading “Facing off against the big sports”

The impossible run returns

It’s been described as the event that is set up for competitors to fail rather than succeed but for the 40-strong field, just taking part in the Revenant Ultra Adventure Run is as close to winning as they will get. Continue reading “The impossible run returns”