Ben’s journalism career has expanded rapidly since graduating in 2011 from the University of Tasmania with a major in journalism and film.

He served as a sports journalist for Tasmanian Life magazine between 2012 and 2014. During this time he wrote numerous feature length articles with a focus on major sporting events and local grass roots sport within in Tasmania.

Between 2015 and 2016 he worked as journalist at Tasmania’s leading newspaper The Mercury. Here he worked in a variety of different areas including serving as the head journalist at community paper The Derwent Valley Gazette, as well as covering sport, entertainment and general news. He covered a variety of breaking news, picture stories and feature articles as well as writing for the Saturday magazine, online and having several of his articles picked up by national affiliates.

In 2018 Ben moved to Invercargill in New Zealand to take up the role of Southland regions reporter at New Zealand’s oldest active newspaper and only independent run ‘big 5’ publication the Otago Daily Times. Here Ben was responsible for all aspects of news in the area, ranging from breaking stories through to feature articles. He also was responsible for large portions of multimedia content including video and photos, as well as doing articles for the regional paper The Southland Express.


In 2019 Ben switched roles again and took on the role of journalist at The Advocate South and The Southland App. Here Ben was responsible for a variety of breaking news, feature stories as well as a variety of multimedia coverage. In 2020 he was appointed the sports & entertainment reporter at The Capital in Victoria, Canada. This work was alongside his role as daily news podcast host for the website.

Outside of his published work, Ben has had a successful online journalism career. Since 2019, he has been a regular contributor to sports website The Roar where he specialises in Formula 1, Australian football and ice hockey content. Prior to this he served as a journalist for the motorsport website (now between 2012 and 2014. Through his work on this site he attended the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix as fully accredited FIA international media where he interviewed several high profile Formula 1 personalities including Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen, Peter Windsor and James Allen. He also previously worked online as a journalist through a German educational website for international students.

His journalism career highlights include:

  • Over 5 front page articles for The Mercury
  • Over 20 front page articles for The Derwent Valley Gazette
  • 1 front page article for The Otago Daily Times
  • 1 front page article for The Southland Express
  • Over 20 front page articles for The Advocate South
  • Wrote over 500 articles for The Mercury
  • Wrote over 100 articles for The Otago Daily Times
  • Wrote over 500 articles for The Advocate South
  • Served as lead entertainment reporter for The Mercury during February 2016 and served as the lead reality TV reporter for the paper
  • Served as head journalist for The Derwent Valley Gazette between July 2015 and February 2016
  • Accredited international journalist at the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

You can see some examples of Ben’s work below:

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