Ben has forged a successful podcasting career and since 2011 has hosted over 1500 podcast episodes.

His first foray into podcasting came in 2011 after he interviewed his first ever Survivor contestant on his radio show The BrinkSurvivor Oz was soon born and between 2011 and 2016 was the second most downloaded Survivor podcast in the world. Through this show Ben managed to interview over 300 contestants from the US, Australian, New Zealand and Italian versions of the show as well as several notable figures involved with the show including Charlie Parsons, Mark Burnett and Lynne Spillman. At it’s peak, he managed over 20 volunteers who assisted with the website and running of the show and helped expand the coverage into other shows including The Amazing Race and Big Brother. The show twice received the ‘Best International Website’ at the Czech & Slovak Reality Awards and was consistently ranked in the top 10 on iTunes across several global stores including numerous number ones. He also has taken the show to several international events, including Reality Rally in 2016 and Reality For Diabetes in 2017.

Ben Waterworth Kelley Wentworth Interview

In 2017 Ben expanded the show to cover more than simply Survivor and re-branded it as The Oz Network. The show now covers a variety of TV shows and films and has maintained a high weekly listenership base and following. He has also interviewed a large variety of TV & movie heavyweights on the show since it was re-branded.

Other podcasts Ben currently hosts include:

  • Double Oz Seven (Started in 2015) – a podcast about James Bond.
  • Off The Podium (Started in 2016) – a podcast about the Olympics
  • EurOzvision (Started in 2015) – a podcast about Eurovision
  • The Brink (Started in 2016) – the re-branded podcast based on his former radio show
  • The Qualifying Lap (Started in 2017) – the re-branded podcast based on his former radio show

Ben has maintained a high technical expertise in the industry and has used his skills to train up numerous other podcast hosts. He also has high knowledge of podcast servers and editing skills and techniques to ensure the highest quality during his episodes.

His podcast career highlights include:

  • Interviewed over 500 guests
  • Hosted over 2000 hours of podcasting
  • Two-time winner of ‘best international website’ at the Czech/Slovak Reality Awards
  • Hosting the second most downloaded Survivor podcast in the world
  • Consistent top 10 ranked podcast host on iTunes
  • Accredited podcast host for major sporting, music and television events

You can watch & listen to some examples of Ben’s work below: